The CIRRUS SR22 is a state-of-the art, single engine, four-seat aircraft with revolutionary technology in avionics and safety. The aircraft has two doors that open upward and out, making it easy for children, or the elderly to easily enter and exit. It can also easily accomodate luggage or items such as golf bags or sports equipment.

CIRRUS has developed a remarkable and awe inspiring safety standard. The Cirrus Airframe and Parachute System is standard equipment on every CIRRUS and is indicative of the visionary commitment to general aviation safety. The parachute system is designed to protect its occupants in the event of a real emergency by lowering the aircraft to the ground after deployment.

In addition to the CAPS, CIRRUS also has developed a spin-resistant wing using a discontinuous leading edge.

No one plans to have an accident in an airplane.

But if you do, CIRRUS airplanes have a number of features that may contribute to protecting you. People have survived significant accidents in CIRRUS airplanes.

Modern composite structures can provide a high level of integrity, with recent regulations demanding very high cockpit standards:

  • 26G (horizontal) seats keep you in your seat, in the airplane
  • Modern occupant protection means cockpits are built to tolerate rollover and to keep everything in the airplane tied down (and not hitting you)
  • Airbags (in the seat belts) to cushion an impact